Install with pip

To install the latest version:

pip install cortex

To install or upgrade to a specific version (e.g. v0.33.0):

pip install cortex==0.33.0

To upgrade to the latest version:

pip install --upgrade cortex

Install without the Python client

# For example to download CLI version 0.33.0 (Note the "v"):
bash -c "$(curl -sS"

By default, the Cortex CLI is installed at /usr/local/bin/cortex. To install the executable elsewhere, export the CORTEX_INSTALL_PATH environment variable to your desired location before running the command above.

Changing the CLI/client configuration directory

By default, the CLI/client creates a directory at ~/.cortex/ and uses it to store environment configuration. To use a different directory, export the CORTEX_CLI_CONFIG_DIR environment variable before running any cortex commands.

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